Whoops A Daisy

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Annie M. California Kid
interviewer:What is the deal with Norgaard song? We need a story behind that song!
Justin:I wrote it after a night out with some friends. Amanda was there. I thought she was good looking. But I’m not sure it ran both ways. Usually I write songs about things that have been bugging me for months. I thought it would be fun to write a song about something silly for once. So I did. And we all really liked the end result.
interviewer:So… does that mean you are into models?
Justin:Some models, yeh.
interviewer:And Amanda's reaction?
Justin:You'd probably have to ask her for her reaction. But she is in the video. So I guess she wasn't too freaked out.


aliens: land on earth
us: gives them a brief overview
aliens: my mama says i gotta come home right now immediately 

(via melodycalling)